Google Home – příkazy

I přesto, že Google slíbil, že jeho asistentka bude v roce 2018 umět česky, zatím jsme se nedočkali. I přesto je skvěle použitelný a dokáže dělat domácího sluhu.

Několik nejznámějších příkazů pro Google Home. Všechny příkazy začínáme frází OK google nebo Hey google.

Play some music
Play some by Shakira
Set the volume to 70%
Next song
Play mamka playlist on Spotify

How far away is the moon?
What’s the weather tomorrow in Czech Republic?
What’s the weather today?
What’s the latest news?

How is the S&P500 doing?
How many euros are in a Canadian dollar?

Tell my about my day
Add butter to my shopping list

Set a timer for 15 minutes
Coll Mom

What can you do?

How many calories are in an apple?
How do you say ‚nice to meet you‘ in Korean?
How do I say good morning in French
What’s 25 times 83?
What is the capital of Spain?
What is the radius of the sun?

What is the nearesr pharmacy?
When do they close?
What is their phone number?
Where is the nearest flower store?

Play how to cook steak videos on TV
Pause the Living Room speaker

Dim the lights in the kitchen
Is the light on in Tiler’s room?

Tell me a joke
Tell me a fun fact
I’m bored
What sound does a whale make?
What sound does a cow make?

Ok Google, Show me on TV
Show me photos of (Person) on TV
Show me photos of (Place) on TV
Show me photos of (Thing) on TV